Media Contacts for the 9/11 Consensus Panel


Very few people have depth of expertise on all the aspects of the 9/11 evidence that contradict the official story. This list is therefore organized by subject specialty, and may be accessed by the following headings:

Aeronautical Engineering; Building Collapses; Journalism and Political Science; General Overview(1); (2); (3); Chemistry Aspects; Flight 93; Psychology of Denial; Social and Cultural Impacts; Legal Aspects; Institutional Suppression, and Complicity with Power; Information Quality, Ethics, and Dynamics; Eyewitness Evidence


Specialty: Dynamics of Building Collapses

Name: David Chandler, Physics and Mathematics, USA


Specialty: Journalism and Political Science

Name: Giulietto Chiesa, Journalist, Italy

Phone: 0039 06 482 0701 (landline); 00 39 335 61 75 415 (cell)


Specialty: Aeronautical Engineering

Name: Dwain Deets, NASA Engineer, USA


Specialty: General Overview

Name: Dr. David Ray Griffin, USA (author of 10 books on 9/11; twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for this work)


Specialty: The Chemistry of 9/11

Name: Dr. Niels Harrit, Prof. Emeritus of Chemistry,Copenhagen

Phone: (+45) 38 33 16 10 (landline); (+45) 61 26 99 33 (cell)


Specialty: Eyewitness Evidence

Name: Dr. Graeme MacQueen, Dundas, ON Canada; Prof. Emeritus, Peace Studies, McMaster University


Specialty: General Overview

Name: Massimo Mazzucco, Los Angeles, CA. Film-maker featuring 9/11 Evidence (3 films)


Specialty: General Overview

Name: Aidan Monaghan, US; degree in electronic engineering; familiar with general aspects and also technical aspects of the 9/11 flights

Phone: 702-768-0285


Specialty: Flight 93

Name: Rowland Morgan, Author, Journalist; Canada

Phone: 250-748-0795 (landline); 250-732-0921 (cell)


Specialty: Psychology of denial regarding 9/11 evidence

Name: Frances Shure, Counselor in psychology, USA

Phone: 303-778-7511


Specialty: Social and cultural impacts of the 9/11 false flag action

Name: Daniel Sunjata, Actor, New York


Specialty: Law, Legal Aspects of 9/11

Name: William Veale, Attorney, USA (Legal spokesperson for the 9/11 Consensus Panel)

Phone: 925-212-3678 (cell)


Specialty: The institutionalization of suppressive information; Complicity with power in the social sciences

Name: Dr. Matthew T. Witt, Professor of Public Administration, USA

Phone: 909-921-3176 (cell)


Specialty: Information Quality, Ethics, and Dynamics

Name: Elizabeth Woodworth, Writer, Librarian; Canada

Phone: 250-383-2417 (landline); 250-889-4559 (cell)



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